lolwut…a LAN party hosted at a Church by Jesus people?…..uh, I’m on the fence.
Joe here guys! If this is how you feel, we get where you’re coming from, honestly a lot of gamers feel this way about Christians in general. It really is our hope that you’d come to this event, especially if you’re not usually a church-goer. We’re hoping you’ll come with mutual respect for all attendees and staff, but that’s pretty much commonplace isn’t it. Our real desire with Forge LAN is to have a great LAN party, encourage each other both in and out of the gaming atmosphere, and we want to make sure you guys know what we’re really all about at Forge LAN. At the event there will be a quick message, which is a short talk about the message based in the Bible which is about 15 minutes. We hope to forge new relationships with you all, and that you’ll see that we simply love people and PC gaming through this event.

TL;DR: We’re cool people who honestly just want to hang out, build relationships and enjoy video games. Yes there’s a quick talk with content from the Bible at every LAN.

Event Coordinator / Network Admin
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Caleb "ma`shtei"
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